Life [7]

Life [7]
I’m coming back!
I have finished an important plan on the road to catch the mission of my life. Thanks for my family who always gives me motivation, and my directors who always support me, and my teachers, my friends.
Especially, I will not forget what you did for me, HHH.
Anyway, I’m ready to take every tasks!!!

8 Replies to “Life [7]

    1. Thank you so much, Dr. Paul Kristiansen. I have proposed to study abroad in Australia . Anyway, I just finished second round of Australian Awards Scholarships.

    2. No Dr. Paul Kristiansen, I have worked as a researcher in agricultural science institute. Actually, I want to study Agricultural Science. By the way, you are amazing good in speaking Vietnamese, sir

    3. I meant ‘học bác si?’ when you come to Australia. I see from FB that you work at ASISOV, Quy Nhơn.

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